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A new beginning

Hello all! After many days of hard work I have finally managed to convert the world to Java. It is by no means a perfect conversion, however the issues that have arisen can be fixed very quickly.

From now on, the bedrock edition of Minecraft will no longer connect to the server. Only the Java addition of Minecraft will work. I have made it so that those of you who cannot afford Minecraft Java edition can still play as if you had bought it.

During the rest of today, or whenever you can, I would like you please to look at the link that I sent above. This link shows all of the plug-ins and mods that we can have on the server. People have made these so that you can basically add whatever features you want. Of course, I cannot put all of them on so we will have to select a few.

Tomorrow, I will update the website with the necessary IP address is and other information to ensure that you can connect to the Minecraft server properly. If you have any problems, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.

This is an exciting new time for all of us, and with Minecraft Java addition, the possibilities are endless. Please DM me with the links of the plug-ins you would like. I would prefer it if you selected a maximum of three. There are space limitations on the server as I have had to upgrade it which, of course, costs more.

Thank you very much for helping us build this world. We can now continue to build with many new features helping us and getting those creative juices flowing. I look forward to tomorrow and I hope all of you do as well.

SCMPID007 (Server Owner)

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