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Joining the Server

The time has finally come! Thank you so much for waiting for us to finish our preparations. The server is now completely online and fully functional. Here’s how to join:

1. Join the Discord. While not being essential, it does give you access to many features you wouldn’t have otherwise, including Survival, Sandbox Creative and many others besides.

2. Open Minecraft, go to Multiplayer and click Add Server. From there, put the server address as and the Server Name as VortexMIC. Click done, then on our server, and finally on Join Server.

3. From there you’ll either log straight into the server (in which case you’re in!) or you’ll find yourself in the waiting room, where you’ll have to wait a few minutes to load into the main server.

That’s pretty much it! Once your in, you’ll be a part of us forever. We pride ourselves on the best player experience and a fast response team if you do have any issues. Thanks very much, and enjoy the Vortex!

Any questions? Leave a comment below!

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