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Guys, please remember this server is not cheap to run. This is all coming out of our pockets, and any contribution helps, no matter how small. Ranks are an awesome way to help out and get something in return. When you buy a rank, you get a special rank in our Discord Server, coloured nametags in Minecraft, access to different gamemodes and many other features. The price is dependent on which rank you buy, ranging from the $2 Iron Rank to the $22 VIP Rank. In order for us to process your rank, you need to send the proof of payment to . Click the arrow next to the Ranks tab and check out the options!

Alternatively you can donate as little as you want by clicking the button below. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your generosity, every little bit that you give is a bit that doesn’t have to come out of our savings. We’ll post your name among the list of donators on the home page if you give us permission, and if you want to stay anonymous we won’t post anything.

From all the staff at VortexMIC, we want to personally thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you will consider donating something to our cause.