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Personally, I’ve become addicted to this gamemode. Spawning on an island with a tree, a bucket of lava, 2 ice blocks and some seeds? Honestly, it’s brilliant fun, and with the plugins we’ve added it’s better than ever.

To make your island, use “/island create”. You get the choice of 3 different island templates. Pick whichever one you want, and an island will be created for you.

If you’ve never played Skyblock before, go check out this YouTube video: . It’s a really nice intro to the basic mechanics of Skyblock even though things are slightly different.

  1. Your island levels up as you place more blocks on it. Use “/island level” to see it.
  2. Your cobblestone generator produces more than just cobblestone. As your island levels up, so does your generator. Use “/island generator level” to see it’s current level, and “/island generator levelsall” to see all levels.
  3. Twerking (repeatedly crouching and uncrouching) makes trees grow faster!
  4. At Diamond Level and Emerald Level, your generator will start producing obsidian. You can make a nether portal and go to your Nether Skyblock island! You also get an End Skyblock island.
  5. Want to play with friends? Use “/island team invite <playername>” to invite your friend to play on your island!
  6. Lost your Lava bucket? Got no more water? Just feel like starting over? “/island reset” will do just that.

Any issues? Let us know on our Discord.