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About the Server

VortexMIC is a Java Minecraft Server running on EC2 based in Cape Town, South Africa. All of the staff team are also South African, so we sync with the timezone of our targeted player base. The server is consistently being updated with new features every week.

This server was almost completely built by the Vortex Staff Team, comprising of Coding Legend SCMPID007, Redstone Maniac BlitzSK8, Master Builder AcidFireKito_99, Horsey Lover Mustaxg and Lil AJ. We enjoy bringing our playerbase new features, but the biggest thing for us is chilling with your friends on a game and having fun.

We’ve put about 300 hours into this server, and the results have been astonishing. We currently have Survival, Creative and Skyblock, and we’re working on Adventure, Parkour, PvP and Minigames.

One of the best parts of the server is that with each build in the infamous Ferocity, no matter how big or how small, there’s a book written on it, sometimes hidden, sometimes in plain sight. Attention to detail is absolute, and I dare anyone to try and find every single feature in this map.

There are a couple of Easter Eggs hidden on the Server. Some of them point you to hidden areas you would never have known were there. Others may point to features outside of the server, on our website, for example.

At the end of the day, this has been an enormous task that we are incredibly proud of and will never stop developing. Please, do us a favor and check out the Ranks tab, where you can buy (for a really small price) a rank on the server. Every little bit helps, as it isn’t cheap to run these things. Many thanks, and enjoy the Vortex!

SCMPID007 (Server Admin)

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