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VIP and Donations

This server is run by one admin, SCMPID007. I pay for the server out of my own pocket, and it’s not cheap. Therefore, I’ve have set up a system where you can pay a small amount ($5) per month to have VIP status on the server.

Note: This is NOT a pay to win server. These commands are to entice people to support us. They have very little impact on actual gameplay.

This VIP status entitles you to skip the queue (when there is one), choose a custom chat prefix use and a number of pretty cool commands, such as /skin. You can then use any skin even if you don’t own it!

Please be sure to send us Proof of Payment via Discord so that we can give you your VIP status and send you the documentation with all the cool stuff.

Alternatively, if you just want to make a one time donation or want to give more, you can use the button below. By donating any amount, you can get the supporter prefix in-game, or if you donate $5 or more you can get any prefix you like! Just make sure you send me proof (SCMPID#0001) so that I can get you your role.

Thank you so much for supporting us! <3