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Explore. Build. Survive.

And maybe make a few friends along the way.Join the Discord!Explore. Build. Survive.

Welcome to the Vortex!

We are a casual, South African Discord server with 2 Rust servers. Our main server is a 3x Noob-Friendly one with 5x stacking. The target player base consists of players who are just starting out or those who don’t have time for vanilla grinding. The server name is “VortexJHB Noob-Friendly (No KOS)”. We offer a friendly, casual experience with active admins and a stellar support team.

If you’re feeling a bit more grindy, you can check out our new Vanilla server, “VortexJHB No KOS Vanilla”. Everyone is welcome here, including solos, duos and zergs.

All of our servers are hosted in South Africa for low latency, and are capped at 50 players. Please come and join us, we have skin giveaways every wipe and are always welcoming of new players.

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